November 17, 2011

Food & Faith: The Latest From CONSP!RE Magazine

Sandwiched between stories of urban gardening, musings on food and faith, and reimaginings of a more healthy sustainable food system, sits a portion of my conversation with Wendell Berry in the Fall 2011 issue of CONSP!RE (a project of The Simple Way). From their website:
"CONSP!RE is a magazine committed to building relationships and nurturing those trying to follow the way of Jesus. It is supported by a network of communities, groups, and individuals. Each issue explores the questions of faith that arise from living for justice and as part of the body. CONSP!RE means breathing together. We believe the reign of God is about relationship and living with imagination. CONSP!RE also means plotting together—and we are plotting goodness. We yearn to do small things with great love, interrupting injustice with grace, and transforming ugliness to beauty."
The Fall 2011 issue of CONSP!RE focuses on food, land, fellowship. Its premise is straightforward: the food system is broken, and each of us is capable of taking small, revolutionary acts to heal it. Just to prove it, there are going to be dinners all over the country during the month of November. Check out a CONSP!RE Gather Round dinner near you!

Each time we eat, we have the chance to build community, to eat food produced in a way that sustains our land and those who work upon it. Every day, we have the chance to express the essential holiness of the meal. You will find the voices of farmers, foodies, and everyone in between. This issue is the doorway into a host of resources to reboot your relationship to food. Be inspired. Go plant something!

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