March 1, 2011

Music For Change

Want to help Tom Neilson win an independent music award in the social action category? Check out The Independent Music Awards website for how you can vote this song in. The more widely circulated the more people learn about the issues of mining and coal ash in the region. Pass it along!

Soltice Morning
Tom Neilson

Over a billion gallons of sludge and coal ash
Where Kingston Fossil been keeping their stash.
Those coal ash ponds are a ticking time bomb
Of chromium, cadmium, and barium.

Clean coal's a fairy tale we don't need
Just a corporate sale of pollution and greed
Arsenic, mercury, nickel, and lead
All lining the banks of the river bed.

Don't eat the fish, don't swim in the river
Water birds die just from eating their dinner
Don't drink the water, breathe the air bouquet
Cause you're suckin coal ash from the TVA

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