February 5, 2011

By The Numbers

It's interesting about this blog. It takes some time pulling interesting stories, videos, events, and news bits together, but not all that much, really. If someone stumbles upon it, that's great, and if someone else spends twenty minutes or an hour a week sorting through what's here, that's really great, and if I'm the only one here, that's okay too. But I'm not the only one, apparently. Started poking around with some web stats and found some interesting info about you all. In January, for example:
  • Folks from 30 countries visited the blog, including Israel, Thailand, Sweden, Brazil and Hungary (The US, obviously, is ranked #1).
  • Within the US, folks from 35 states wandered through--North Carolina and West Virginia being the highest ranked.
  • In the last two months, visitor traffic is up 320%.
  • Most of you are coming from the Radical Roots website. Other high traffic sources are Facebook, Google, and catholicanarchy.org. Hmmm.
  • Most people like videos, and anything Wendell Berry related is hugely popular.
  • 58% are Windows people, 37 are Mac.
  • And so on...
So whoever you are, thanks for stopping. Stay awhile.

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