July 28, 2010

It Is Time...

Ok. So this is currently just a weblog, and, may I mention, my first? I don't do Facebook, Twitter or any of the hundred things folks use to stay connected. (It's trouble enough keeping up with email). But after a few months of scribbling things on sticky notes, brainstorming around dinner tables, traveling a few thousand miles with my pal David Lezette, and collecting gobs of information from people across the Appalachian region, I'm finally in a good place to sit down and write a few things down.

I've put a good deal of thought into what this blog could be, who it might be for, what information it could hold, and why it might be relevant to folks both inside and outside Appalachia. I haven't decided on much, but I think this blog has fascinating potential. It'll have news, current events, and quirky stories of all sorts. It'll pontificate on art, religion, politics, food, banjos, and activism. It'll highlight awesome organizations doing awesome things in the region. It'll give you updates on some of my work with the Radical Roots Project: photography exhibitions, conference presentations, etc. And, hopefully, it'll be a place to do some thinking and doing of your own. If you have anything you'd like to add--pictures, words, stories, upcoming events--I'd love to hear from you: radicalrootsproject@gmail.org

Thanks for being patient.

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